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Mike Sarge is a multi-award winning music artist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and active duty service member. Sarge, as he is better known, has taken the creative scene by storm with his lively personality, hard-hitting truths and high-energy messages. His words continue to impact & inspire thousands of people across the country looking to being successful and fulfill their purpose! 

Drawing from his own personal experiences as they relate to bullying, the absence of support, scholastic struggles, and various other obstacles, Mike Sarge allows his life to be an “open book” from which brings dynamic and inspiring messages that relate to many people.

Sometimes, the people closest to you won't start supporting you until strangers start celebrating you!”

— Mike Sarge


"Graduated" - Video

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The industry is aware of the newest wave of artists like Lecrae, Chance The Rapper, and J.Cole who are blowing up the national charts with their inspirational content. It’s clear that their music buzzes and labels are searching for the next big artist. Independent artist, Mike Sarge, has proven early that he can become just that.

Mike Sarge is a Hip-Hop artist from Atlanta, GA, currently residing in the Masters city  of Augusta, GA. He is a smooth hip hop artist with a upbeat vibe and conscious feel. . 

At an early age, Sarge had a deep love and passion for music. Growing up, he was heavily inspired by Hip-Hop, Gospel, and Soul. He transitioned from a fanatic listener to an artist in early 2014 and has blazed a trail for his music career ever since. 

Motivational Speaking

Focused on being more than a rapper, Sarge's goal is to be an inspiration to those feeling like they could never reach their dreams. Whether it's a youth event or a conference focused on aspiring creatives/entrepreneurs, Mike Sarge makes it a point to speak on hard-work, passion, and leadership to those looking to do what they love.

This passion drove Mike Sarge to co-found, CRE8 Greatness.com - an organization that exists to influence, educate and empower creatives from all cultures and regions by providing the guidance and skills needed to overcome obstacles they may face chasing their passions.

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Mike Sarge is a really dope artist and inspiring person who is going to go places”

— Vaugh Postema, Z93 Jamz

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